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Contact us to do your next animation or presentation template.
New Stuff added monthly. All are free for personal usage contact us otherwise.
Flash animations require U download Flash Player if U don't already have it installed.
Also let me know if you require some Flash stuff in Gif format.


Simple Animations

Sleeping Dog - Gif
Sleeping Dog 2 - Gif
Swift - Gif
Swift Flock - Gif
Swift - Flash
Moving Objects - Flash
Pitcher - Gif
Try to read this animation Page
Slip Caution Sign - Gif
Surfer - Gif
IFPTE Local 3 Logo - Gif
Toy Train - Gif
Moving Wine Bottles - Gif

Complex Animations

Race Horse Jockey - Flash
Seals -Flash
Aroma Pet Therapy
Taliban Wink - Flash
Gorilla Stare - Flash
Medical Depression - Flash
Pills Coming at You - Flash
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Note: Some of my animation's require Flash Player that you
can download here from their site.
Note: Many of these samples were constructed rather quickly
just to demonstrate our abilities. We can taylor it to your business needs.
Flash, Gif and Power Point animations our specialty.

The art work & animation's done by Larry Lueder.
Animation's of specific ads were made just so that you can see what we
can do for you. All are free to use for personal usage only. Average cost to
use one of my animations on your site is $100.00 US. Donations always accepted
at .
© All material Copyright 2002.

If you are tired of the same old crappy website designs then contact us for a
difference. We can do a site for your small business for as little as $42/month.

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