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Located in Mantua, NJ 08051

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Located in Mantua, NJ 08051

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You are in the Gas and Oil Heater parts yardsale stuff
Some of the items may have been sold off, so please E-mail me for status. or call 856-464-6864

Beckett Oil Gun Electrodes Oil heater Honeywell Temperature Switch  
Oil Gun Electrodes and Spray Nozzle, Becket, $10
Honeywell Temperature Switch, Oil/Gas Heater $20
Normally sells for over $45+

  Oil Spray Nozzles .75

Fuel Oil Spray Nozzles, $10 (4)
Spark Ignitor Oil Heat Becket Oil Pump AF & AFG Becket Coupling Kit 2454
Spark Ignitor, $10
Becket Oil Pump, Mdl AF & AFG $150
Becket oil heater motor coupling kit, $4
Furnace Blower with vent casing
Blower booster w/vent & controls (Sell separate) $40
The blower alone is worth over $100. Build your own wood burning.
Bug Zapper Antique Case Starter 580 Fan Belt Tool
Antique Bug Zapper Steel Body $30
New Case Tractor Starter $100 (2 & 3 Bolt Hole is the same)
Fan Belt Tensioner $5
  Furnace Temperature sensor Flame Detector R82-2
Gas or Oil Furnace Temperature Sensor $10
Oil Burner Flame Dectector Cadmium Sulfied $5

Car Stuff   Household Items   Electrical   Oil & Gas Heater Parts   Books, Cards Magazines, Albums, Tapes    Plants

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