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You are in the household yardsale stuff
Castration Tool $10
Cymbals $20
Livestock Castration Tool $10 (Works on your husband too)
Cymbals with stand. $10 Just needs a cleanup

    Plectron Scanner Patrol II
Antique Plectron Scanner, Transistor Patrol II, $20
Used by fire departments, more as an alert system.
8mm Movie Camera
Keystone Movie Camera K-623
Keystone Movie Camera K623
8mm Movie Camera, $40
Keystone Movie Camera K-623 w/lights, $20
Keystone Movie Camera K-623, View 2


Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Poles 2-3" cut to suit lengths. $6 Ea
Discount for large quantity. Giants and arrow bamboo.
Strong Bamboo pole $6 Ea, Giants $20 each (Not Shown)
Discount for large quantity. Plants also available, prices vary.
Bug Zapper Antique
Antique Bug Zapper Steel Body $20
Painting in Nice Frame 12 x 14", $15
  Underwood Typewriter
Darkroom Equipment & Manuals
Antique Underwood Typewriter, $300
Antique Darkroom equipment & manuals $40
Antique Water Pump
Bug Zapper $35
Antique Water Pump $100
Antique Bug Zapper All Steel, $20
Painting oil $20
Painting framed
Painting in nice frame 12 x 14", $15
Painting in nice frame 12 x 14", $15
Pentax 105R Zoom
Giant Bamboo 60 feet
Pentax, 105R Zoom, 35mm $10
Sample of the bamboo 60 feet tall, Cut $6 each
Roots $40 per clump
Switch Box , $5
Switch Box Parallel Connection, $5
Pedestal Winged Lion Concrete
Pedestal Winged Lion Plaster $30 symbol of Peace. Others sell
on ebay for $80 and up.

Professional Lighting Britak
Britak Lighting
Britak Lighting
Professional Lighting Studio set Cost $550, sell for $300
Background Support #4145

Lights, 3 each with the lighting. All of it was hardly used.

Back view of the lights.
Britak, PS-300H 110-120 volts

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