736 AC&W Sq. April 52 - Dec 53

More pictures to comes as they become available,
also we are very sorry for many other friends we met and do not have a photo.

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Jerry Wimsatt and James Reffett

Jerry Wimsatt

Jerry Wimsatt and James Reffett
in base barracks. Are those trousers hanging?

Jerry Wimsatt & unknown other
on one of the roads to Barracks

Lt Charles Harris

Jerry Wimsatt in front of barrack's housing

Lt(1) Charles Harris
This looks like the road into the base where the field in the
background was covered in a sea of red poppies

Norman Howard

Nouasseur Air Base Radar

Norman Howard
Ghee for a simple base it even had fire hydrants



Radar #2

Nouasseur Air Base

Nouasseur Air Base

Unknown Person can anyone help?
This picture at least shows a typical ditch that could be
found through out the base, especially around the family housing areas.

Ok which airplane was this? This is one of those quick
fix add another engine up front to help carry extra loads.

Morocco Casablanca


Near the beach Casablanca

On the beach in Casablanca

Nouasseur Air Base

Nouasseur Air Base

Jerry on a typical Army Folding Bed

Jerry Dallas



Typical Scene on Casablanca Streets


Jerry Camel ride

The Lueder in Casablanca

Jerry's Camel Ride

Larry, Julia and Robert
at one of our first villa's


Some interesting facts: The barracks pictured above were the original units set down when the base originally opened. Later on the base constructed, I believe 2 story units from concrete blocks. These newer units were adjacent to what you’re seeing above. The barracks were close to all the shopping centers, movies, radio station and ECO pool. Even though it got hot during the summer, around 115 degrees F, it got raw cold in the winter with lots of rain, hence the ditches around the housing areas. Heating in most of the housing was via oil heaters. We had a tank mounted just outside our back door propped up on an angle iron stand. You got oil by leaving a sign on the window. And who can forget the mosquito spray trucks that used to drive through in the evening fogging up the place. As kids it was always cool running behind them. When some of these barracks became abandoned my brother and I would scavenge through them for whatever. My favorite was to remove the mercury limit switches from the hot water heaters. Remember playing with this stuff, rolling it around your hands and fingers. Hey what the heck I'm still here, actually I think I got smarter from it and the mosquito truck smoke, just look at all the stuff I do. What do those scientist know. Take notice the slick hair look of some of the guys. Please visit: for more pictures and information.

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