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I believe she was part of the Bob Hope Show.  Anybody…


Holland Children and friends

Nouasseur Air Base
Jim Holland on Lambreta Scooter – My Mom had one of these too.

Nouasseur Air Base
Holland Family

Nouasseur Air Base
Who brought the horse on the base?

Nouasseur Air Base

Stanley, Patricia & Jim Holland
Not sure of little boy in white shirt

Nouasseur Air Base
Jim and Patricia Holland – not sure of the
boy in striped shirt

Famous Cathedral in Casablanca?

Nouasseur Air Base

Name this passenger plane?

World Fair Casablanca
International World Fair entrance Casablanca 55-56 ?

Nouasseur Air Base
A rare old photo of a Mobil filling station

Rare Photo of the snail problem that plagued many of the
base housing until the French appeared on the scene.

Men preferred short women – hence the heavy load.
This practice was like Chinese women having to wear tiny shoes

Nouasseur Air Base
Typical wedding in the country - the bride tossed a tambourine
instead of a garter belt.

Mosque possible abandoned because
the cap resembled a crusaders helmet.

Arabs living in the mountainous regions.  Hollywood often shoots
in these places for historical religious stories or science fiction.

I stayed overnight several times in a home similar to one
of these while visiting our maid’s home.  In the morning
I had numerous bed bug and mosquito bites.

Typical Rock Band – a similar band
played at the base theatre.

Typical Moslem tradition - men can show legs and more
but women are prohibited.   I think the men enjoyed seeing a
Catholic nun.

Nouasseur Air Base
Nelson Holland Farthest from Car
Notice the Children trying to escape.

Nouasseur Air Base
Jim Holland Farthest from Car
Note: back of garage had a storage room barely visible.

Nouasseur Air Base
Typical Little League Teams were named after Major Leagues in the States

Nouasseur Air Base
The one time a rodeo came to the base.  I recalled dollar bills
attached to some of the calves for the boys to run down.

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