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Nouasseur Air Base
I believe she was part of the Bob Hope Show too.  Anybody…
No one seemed to mind entertaining women dressing like this while
housewives still dressed in knee high skirts.


Nouasseur Air Base
Holland family friend shooting your picture using the latest
digital camera.  Our family had to rely on a pin hole camera.

Nouasseur Air Base Church
Isn’t this cool it’s the only picture of the base church?

Nouasseur Air Base
More from the Bob Hope show – in this scene the
comic is describing the size of a fish he caught.

Nouasseur Air Base
Typical Moroccan Rock Band Jamming
probably waiting for the president’s visit.

Nouasseur Air Base

Holland family friends – Anyone?  Possibly smiling because
 they were going home before the rest of us.

Nouasseur Air Base
Typical monkey trainer.  The idiot trainer would beat the monkey
with a club to get it to do tricks.  Most animals were horribly treated.

. Nouasseur Air Base
Many of the base women were still being kept from driving a car.

Nouasseur Air Base Housing

Outside of the typical green lawns the area was scorched from the sun.

Nouasseur Air Base
I see Bob Hope - Anybody’s guess?  Bob was so popular
some of the women were tossing more than just their underwear on stage.

Here’s that guy again with the same horse.  Possible recreating
a scene from the Crusaders.

Holland Family friends near flight line.  This might also be where
the school lunchroom was located.   Anyone?

Nouasseur Air Base
More Holland family friends - it looks like it was taken near the
flight line.  They just missed the plane.

Nouasseur Air Base
More friends try to get into the photo after missing their flight too.

Award ceremony for the most - raw snails
you can eat.  Photo taken by the school entrance.

Perspective view of the base housing.  Note: the below
the knees dress.

Nouasseur Air Base Bob Hope
Bob Hope telling what appears to be a nude woman holding
a baby to see this man for a job application.  

Nouasseur Air Base
Typical scorching weather causes the sky to turn red
during the summer.

Nouasseur Air Base
Many of the base children opened up Kool-Aid stands but these
two entrepreneurs started one of the first taxicab business. 

Nouasseur Air Base
Most of us hated to be seen in the cheap sneakers.  Today
that same style sneaker is worn with a tucks.

Nouasseur Air Base
Notice how the vehicles back then leaked oil.  

Nouasseur Air Base Lttle League Nouasseur Air Base Baseball Gene Celest
Gene Celest on his Moped bike, his mother and two other brothers. Gene was the coolest kid in school, he had great hair
and made lots of money selling bubble gum from his locker at school.

Mrs CelestLuciano LuederNouasseur Air Base  Celest
Gene Celest mother, his younger brother with Luciano, and Gene's Dad.

Emails & Letter

3/11/2013 S/Sgt Richard D Thompson ‘horse shoe’ Served in 736 A C&W squadron.. residents at Nouasseur.. enjoyed your pictures.. brings back great memories. Rough but good. Our Radar was about 10 miles East of base on an old volcano rock.. hot scorpions, pits among a lot of good guys love to contact them.

2010, I received a wonderful letter from Mrs. Celest. She enjoyed my book. Thank you

2013, Lou heard from Jimmy Falconer, a good friend we met while there.

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