Sample Logos

by Inovative Creations

Below are some sample logo changes created for Centocor a subdivision of Johnson and Johnson 2005
and some other small business logos. Details may be a bit grainy due to resolution.

Sample Colors

Fire logo   Wood Grain


Melon  Morning Glory

T-shirt logo

Logo from concept to Execution

KMA Transit logo from concept to execution.

American Concrete Stamping    Braewood Dames

American Concrete Stamping and Braewood Dane logos.

Cheyenne Thoroughbreds     Secure Surfaces

Cheyenne Thoroughbreds and Secure Surfaces Logos.

Gaping Oak    Truely Unique Rooms

Gaping Oak and Truely Unique Rooms logos.

South Jersey Artist    S & S Concrete

South Jersey Artist and S & S Concrete Logos.

LBMAAAF    Cucina Carini

LBMAAAF and Cucina Carini Logos

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This page is some samples of logos from concept to execution. Contact us for clipping/vector masking
services and more.

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