My list of shit-hole people in the entertainment business and others

 Larry Lueder 2013

Howard Stern

This freak of nature got rich by insulting people and by talking out of his butt hole. He can not even tell a joke without cussing using genitalia in every other word that comes out of his mouth. He caters to bottom feeders, the retards, the low lifers etc. This idiot caused a radio announcer to commit suicide by constantly insulting him on the radio before he moved on to television. America's Got Talent are all idiots for hiring this dick to a judge on the show. Here is a man with zip talent and ugly to boot. I suppose it pays to be a Jew in the entertainment industry. A very shameful man Howard the dick is. He can not even be on the David Letterman show without insulting the host, and forget about getting a word in, this tall ape likes to hear himself talk, and it is all about him and his dull life.

This is how handsome Howard is ladies; he has a nose as long as an egret for spearing fish I suppose, afro hair, tall and skinny like Starven Marvin from South Park, and he has no muscle tone. It is time for the entertainment Industry to bring back clean family entertainment.

Heidi Klum

Where do I start regarding one of the biggest whores in the modeling field. This shit-head of a woman marries a Negro with a face that looks like a tractor ran over it. The man was blacker than the soot I take out of my chimney. Then get this, she has two children with this most ugliest of people. Ask yourself Heidi, do you really believe that those two kids wanted to look uglier than you, or did you make sure they would come out ugly so you would always look better than them. All over the world Blacks are less likely to be hired over a white person, so why handicap your children, by breeding down. This is proof that Negroes try to breed up in intelligence while White women will breed with any animals, just so they can have a baby. It is so disgraceful of America's Got Talent to have Hiedi the whore on their show. What kind of example are they presenting to our children. There are many scientific books that proves Negroes are less intelligent than white and this is shown all over the word by their behavior and actions and this is not only in the US. It is time for the entertainment Industry to bring back clean family entertainment.







TLV The Lord's Vineyard Church of Woodbury NJ

The Pastor is a fraud expecting businesses to supply him services for free. Lately he solicited several artist to do a logo. After they presented their work he quickly tells them they aren't good enough and wants to try someone else. In the meantime, the person he just rejected has wasted lots of time and material. So far he has done this with four graphic business. The Pastor should be investigated. Avoid that place at all cost.


Anthony or Tony Salarno of South Jersey

Anthony Solarno of South Jersey ripped me off when I gave him $250 worth of metal roofing ice dams to install on one of my homes in Deptford, NJ. He never installed them like he said he would. He offered to install them for the free rent he received from one of my rentals in Mantua, NJ, where he resided rent free for over a year.

Joe Poledoro

Joseph Poledoro from NJ tried to rip me off when he accepted $400 to start on a solar project and then never came around to do the work. When I asked for a refund he tried to use his attorney to scare me into not giving me back the money. He even tried to threaten me over the phone telling me I would be in a big hurt. After I complained to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) he came around and paid me through his attorney, only after I changed his letter which said I could not speak about the settlement. Exactly one month after I got the check, the back window to my car was busted. Coincident???

There was also the hardware store in Mullica Hill that had a lawsuit filed against him for non-completion of work. It seems he may have had a Ponzi scheme going on where his business relied on other jobs to complete those that he had started.

If you would like to see your country, business or name removed from this list, talk to God.

Thomas Jefferson once said; I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

If you don't know what he said, it means the teaching of Islam is tyranny of the mind.

The above mentioned information is my way of telling the world of evil people, evil cults or evil places and things, including companies. Remember; when you go to heaven, God will ask you why you stood by and said nothing about the evil ways of others. Islam is like a bank robbery, child molesting, rape, brainwashing, suicide children, killing of innocent women and children (honor killings), a theft and all that is ugly in the world. To remain silent about its ways is like denying the holocaust and such evil happenings. The Congress and Senate are made up of a bunch of evil representatives that only seem to cater to the attorneys, making it impossible to run a business without being suited. Shame on Washington and the evil Justices for passing such laws against the commoner. If you don't think Negroes in America are their own worst enemy, just look at who they keep reelecting to Washington, over and over again.

Freedom of Religion
Does not mean freedom to kill nonbelievers.
Do something about Islam now

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