Videos Banned by YouTube
for telling the truth
Lawrence A. Lueder

Lawrence Lueder Art

Colin Kaepernick Ass Hole

Colin Kaepernick; Take a Knee douch-bag comes from a rich family; takes a knee as if he too
suffered police brutality. Negroes are shot because they are the most violent race of all races in
the world - PERIOD. Statistics proves this, jails are full of Negroes more so than any other
race. If it wasn't for slavery which you Negroes always CRY about, you would
still be
starving in Africa and hunting with stick. The only nice thing about BLM is that more
Negroes are killing each other more
so than ever before. It's like it's Negro
Birth Control, you Negroes can't even stand your own RACE.
Going after White women proves BLM is shit.

Take a knee loser because you may meet the same fate as your loser Negro brothers and those taking
a knee ignorant whites. If those same loser Whites really cared about Negroes they would all
want to live in your rat and roach infested neighborhoods. And to think some of your brothers
still believe the reason they can't get ahead is because of the KKK and the NAZI party. Is that
what kept you Colin from getting rich from playing with a Ball?

Attorney General NJ Racist

Attorney General of New Jersey is a racist

Of all other religions none are allowed to show religious sysmbols in the Court System.
This idiot claims it's relgious, when it is not and I can prove it. This video is on YouTube
and it was never taken down proving I am right. His hat comes with a three foot sword,
imagine That? And yet, our Congressmen and Senators are cowards of the truth to having
him removed.

Islam next big battle

Presidentail Treason of Three Stooges

Sunaru book by L. Lueder

This is my first attempt at writing a sci-fi book, which I believe is very good. It is available from
Amazon in both paperback and Digital.
With so many TV show repeats this should open a new adventure
without all the phony computer aided fantacy and phoney political correctness. Much like Mars and other
planets far away are not going to look like phoney Avatar. This is about reality, people surviving
on the bare minimum on a bare planet.

Video Pages two coming soon