Note: Some of my animation's require Flash Player that you
can download here from their site.
Note: Many of these samples were constructed rather quickly
just to demonstrate our abilities. We can taylor it to your business needs.

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Simple Animation's
Complex Animation's
Moving Clam GIF
Little Devil Scene Logo GIF
Emeril's Original Good Taste Kiss Logo GIF
HELI Forklift Logo GIF
Running Skeleton
Swimming Fish GIF
Bin Laden with Military Badge GIF
Eagle Flying
Cutting Down a Tree GIF
Scissors cutting out sign GIF
Tree Chipper GIF
Tree Chipper with Company Name
Ducks Following
Dog Following
Dog Running GIF
Chevy 57 with a Friend
Chess Pieces Following
Lips Following
Peacock Fanning GIF
Bird Flying
Alien Dancer GIF
Color Disco Ball GIF
Car window looking at Rain Gif
Radar Screen GIF
Shark GIF
Woman's Touch Painting GIF
Siggy Tow Truck GIF
Our Dog Barking in GIF
Our Dog Barking in Flash
Uncle Paul Dancing GIF
Duplex Strainer Valve GIF
New Jersey State Aquarium Logo
Art Auction Announcement
Roll Over Scary Face
Kid with Eyes Moving
Redone from Org. Gif  image
Light House Gif
Black Widow Spider Walking
Here is your Finger

Flash Dracula Scene
House of Roses Flash
Dog Running in a MAZE Flash
Opening Scene
Octopus Opening a Box GIF
Flash Scene for the Navy
Car window at Night Flash
Pencil Writing GIF
Naked Clam (Flash)
Flash Opening Scene
Another Flash Opening Scene
Flash Fireworks Scene
Flash Crab meeting Clam Scene
Horse Walking Flash
Rattle Snake GIF
Star Opening Scene Flash
Car Window Lift Fix Flash
Art Work using Illustrator etc.
Morphing Dad
Face Mask HTML
Paint the Camel Flash
Bug Face Gif
Don't Let Your Toad Get
the upper hand

I've had it! Flash
Dog in a Squirrel Cage Flash
NAVSEA Title Gif
NAVSEA Title Flash
Paws Walk on Screen Gif
Tree Service Chainsaw Flash
Fish in water ripple GIF
Ladybug walking Flash
Pharos Light House of Wilmington
Ship Attacking Submarine
Deptford Police Ballon
Company logo in Cylinders
John fingering himself
Drop Down Menu of Cars
The Big C
The Big C 2


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    The art work & animation's done by Larry Lueder.
Animation's of specific ads were made just so that you can see what we
can do for you. All are free to use for personal usage only. Average cost to
use one of my animations on your site is $100.00 US. Donations always accepted
at .
All material Copyright 2002.

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